With our new Flexible Layout Feature, we allow you to rearrange any component anywhere on the home page. You can add unlimited number of promos and banners, up-to 50 featured products and many more features :)

To create flexible layout, please design your images with below dimensions : 

Here are the steps to create flexible layout :

  1. Login to PlobalApps dashboard  (https://dashboard.plobalapps.com/auth/login)
  2. Go To Create. 
  3. You will see Home Page Section with components and your mobile screen to preview

4. Drag & Drop the section you want on the app. 

5. Click on Edit and fill in the information and SAVE. 

You can also add multiple banners / promo images by clicking on "Add"

You can see below once the information is added.

6. When you select the Product or Collection, Image associated with it will appear automatically, if you wish to show another image the you can click on Edit and do it.

PS - Please mark all the products and collections available for Mobile App Creator Sales Channel

If you need any assistance then please mail us at sales@plobalapps.com. We would be happy to assist :)


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