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How to set up Google Autocomplete for your Mobile App?
How to set up Google Autocomplete for your Mobile App?
Written by Subham Pasari
Updated over a week ago

Before we begin setting up Google Autocomplete, please make a note of the following-

  1. This feature is available to all our customers.

  2. After the integration, the app update is mandatory to publish the new feature.

You'll first need to create an API key with Google Maps. Here's how we do it-

  1. Sign with your Google Account

  2. Click on Select project  & Create a New Project

4. Go to APIs & Services and then Dashboard

 5. Click on enable API & services

6. Search for Places API and enable it (Open in a new tab and enable the same)

7. After enabling Places API - Click on Credential

8. Go to “Credentials in APIs & Services” and open the link

9. Click on Create Credentials and API key

You’ll get your API key on the screen

Now for the final step:

1. Open Plobal Apps dashboard.

2. Go to Customize and then Advance Settings

4. Enable Google Autocomplete

5. Paste the API Key.

And, you are all set.

Once you are done with setup write to or connect with your success manager at for an app update request.

Hope this article was helpful :)

Please note: After the app update, the Android version goes live within 24 - 48 hours and iOS version takes 6 - 7 working days.

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