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How to get ECID or UDID for iOS devices?
How to get ECID or UDID for iOS devices?
Written by Saalim Khan
Updated over a week ago

How to get ECID or UDID for any iOS Device?

These are instructions on how to find your iPhone's ECID or UDID using iTunes for Mac or Windows. ECID stands for Exclusive Chip ID or Electronic Chip ID & UDID stands for unique device identifier. It's a number unique to each device. You may be asked for your ECID or UDID while adding devices to apple developer account for app setup process.

Step One

Connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable and launch iTunes.

Step Two

Click the iPhone icon at the top left of the iTunes window to view your device.

Step Three 

Make sure you are on the Summary screen and then double-click the serial number of your device to reveal its ECID or UDID.

After Clicking on Serial Number the following window will be shown:

If the iOS model version is after the iPhone X, for eg. iPhone XR, iPhone XS max, etc.
you will get the ECID. This can be used instead of UDID.

Step Four

You can now use Command+C  or Control+C to easily copy the ECID or UDID to the clipboard.

Please share the ID and device name with us and we will take care of the next steps.




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