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How to send Push Notifications to the Favorite Abandoned users?
How to send Push Notifications to the Favorite Abandoned users?
Remind users via push notifications to make a purchase of the products marked as favorites.
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With PlobalApps, eCommerce store owners can easily target send Abandoned Favorite Push Notifications. We have done integration with a third party analytics provider – CleverTap, which would help merchants to trigger a custom campaign for the same.

Following steps will allow any merchant to schedule a Push Notifications to users who are abandoning favorite products.

Steps to send Push Notifications 

1) Login PlobalApps Dashboard and Select 

2) Click Select App > Analytics

3) Select Advanced Tab on the PlobalApp Dashboard

4) In the CleverTap dashboard, select Engagement > Campaigns

5) Click on +Campaign green button.

6) Click on Mobile Push.

7) Click on Interaction within time.

8) Click on Advanced & Continue.

9) Now, select the group of people you wish to send this push notification to.
Click on +Create an AdHoc Segment.

Select Favorites  in As soon as user does section. Add a property Contains > Added.
And Does not do > Select Charged > 59 Minutes.
Go to Global Campaign Limit > Campaign Limit > Select second option & select 2 days > Click on Continue button. 

15) Click Select button in "Single message" section

16) For Single Message, enter Title and Message of the Push Notification.
[Note: Max. Push Notification Message length = 140 characters including space & shorter is better]

17) Click Continue to Overview button

18) Refer all the sections in the overview, in case all data is as per your requirement, Click "Schedule notification" button.

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