Here's how you can add the Infinite Block on your home page - 

  1. Login to your PlobalApps dashboard.

  2. Go to Customize.

  3. Go to Home page design. 

4. Drag & drop it on the home screen layout & click on Add.

5. Here are a few permutations and combinations you can use here -

a. 2 square blocks

b. 4 horizontal blocks

c. 8 small square blocks

d. 1 large square block, 1 horizontal block and 1 small square blocks

There are many combinations you can try in this layout. 

6. Once the elements are added, click on Next to add the Collection/Product/URL.

7. Click on Edit image if you wish to change the image.
(Please make sure that the image is less than 1 MB)
8. Save the changes once done & check on the preview app.
9. Press Go Live button once the changes are reviewed. 

These changes are real time and do not need an app update. 

Hope this article was helpful :)

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