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How to add/remove payment options from the Mobile App?
How to add/remove payment options from the Mobile App?
Add payment options on the mobile app, rename or remove it.
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Here are a few things you should know before you set this up - 

  • We have one native payment option i.e Credit Card/Debit Card. 

  • All other payment options will redirect to the website payment page. 

  • Apple Pay payment option is fully native.

  • You can add multiple payment options and remove them real time.

  • By default, you'll have Credit Card & Others set up as payment options. 

  • Apple Pay will be enabled on request.

Here are the steps to set up payment options - 

  1. Go to PlobalApps dashboard. 

  2. Go to Customize.

  3. Go to Advanced Settings.

4. Click on "Native Checkout" to add Credit Card/Debit Card payment option.

5. Click on "Other" to add any payment option available on your website & rename it by clicking on the pencil icon.

6. Save & click on Go Live button.

Hope this article was helpful :)

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