Here are a few things you should know before you set up Shopify Flow - 

  1. This app is only available to Shopify Plus customers.

  2. You will have to install Shopify Flow app on your store. 

  3. Shopify Flow helps you automate scenarios & make customer/vendor communication easy. 

Here's an example of one scenario you can set up using Shopify Flow - 

  1. Open Shopify Flow in your Shopify store. 

  2. Click on "Create Workflow".

  3. Click on "Add trigger".

  4. Select a trigger "Customer is created".

  5. Now, you can select the condition & set up the next step. In Then section, select "Send email" & set up email from the right panel of your screen. 

  6. Save. 

Now, all your new customers will be notified via email as soon as they create an account. 

Shopify Flow allows you to create such workflows & automate tasks inside the Shopify store & externally as well. 

Please refer this link to know more!

Now, here's how you can use Shopify Flow in your mobile app - 

Here are a few of many things which we can automate on the mobile app - 

  • Send push notification to all customers when a new product is added to store

  • Send push notification to customer when they move up a tier on LoyaltyLion

  • Add points on LoyaltyLion and send push notification to customer upon placing an order on the mobile app

  • Add points on Swell Rewards and send push notification to customer upon placing an order on the mobile app

Steps - 

  1. Refer above created workflow & add one more action in "Then" section to send notification on the mobile app. 

  2. Click on Select Action > Scroll through the right panel & select "Individual push notification" under "Mobile App Creator - PlobalApps" section.

3. Fill the required information & add customer's email ID.
4. Save & the customer will receive the push notification on their mobile phone. 

Please note : All the changes you make on the workflow are real time & reflect on the Shopify store immediately. 

Hope this article was helpful :)

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