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How to change CTA (call to action buttons) colors?
How to change CTA (call to action buttons) colors?
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Here's how you can change the button colors - 

  1. Go to Customize.

  2. Go to Advanced Settings. 

   4. There are three types of buttons on the app.
        a - Solid background - Buy Now, Place order, log-in, register, Update(Address), Save(Address), Confirm(Address) Proceed, Register, Reset pw, Apply Gift card/Discount, Continue(Shipping).

         b. Border Buttons -Continue shopping, Track order, Select size, Add to cart(Favourite).

         c. Add to cart - It's a single button on the product page.

    5. You can click on the color section & chose any color you wish to add or type a color hex code.

    6. Click on "Reset" button to show original colors. 

    7. Once done, please click on Save & then Go Live button. 

Please note - We will have to provide an app update to publish these changes on the live app. Please email on for the same.

Hope this article was helpful :)

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