Please note, to use this feature we will have to update the apps on the play store & app store. 


Here's how you can add the note section on the cart page - 

  1. Go to PlobalApps dashboard.

  2. Go to Customize. 

  3. Go to Integrations. 

  4. Under the Cart section, add the "Section Title".

   5. You can also add a text note for your customers in the next "Text note" section. This can be an update, any extra information etc..

   6. Now, enable the "Additional Note" section for customers to put the message for you.
   7. You can also choose to make the note section mandatory. (Customers will not be able to place an order unless they put a note)

    8. Once you are done, click on the Save button and review the changes on the Preview app. 

    9. If everything looks good, then press GO LIVE button. 

Please email us on with the app name in subject & we will get this done for you :)

Hope this article was helpful :)

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