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How to schedule Push Notifications?
How to schedule Push Notifications?
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Here's how you can schedule notifications - 

  1. Find a bell icon on your left and click on it.

3. Add Title & Message. Choose when to send from various options. 

When you choose Once/daily/monthly/weekly, you'll have to select the start & end date, also select the time you want to send notification.
You can also choose to send the notification immediately. 

4. Select where you want customers to land once they click on the push notification. 

You can select a specific product/collection or any of the five main tabs on the app.(Home page, category, My Account, Cart, More)

5. You can add an image as well (only available on power & above plans).

6. Look at the Preview on the device on the right side & if everything looks okay, hit that "Send Push Notification" button. 

7. Also, you can see the scheduled push notification history. 

You will be able to pause/resume a notification anytime between the scheduled time. Once the push notification scheduled time/days are complete, you can view it in "Push notification history" section. 

Here are a couple of things you should know -

 If you need any assistance then drop a line to our Support Ninja's at

Thank you! 

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