Here's how you can set up categories & sub categories easily with our new layout - 

  1. Login to PlobalApps dashboard.

  2. Go to customize.

  3. Go to Categories.

You can set up categories using two ways. One way is through shopify & another way to set it up is from PlobalApps dashboard. If you'd like to set up categories using old method then please refer this help doc.

For the new layout, please click on Edit in "New Category Layout".

4. Choose if you would like to add a banner or a category.

5. Click on Add Category > Select Collection/Product/URL.
6. Add the Title for the category, sub title & image.
7. You can filter products by tags and show them.
8. Save.
9. Now, to add a sub category. Hover on the category tab & click on "Add Child".

10. Click on Add Category > Select Collection/Product/URL.
11. Save.
12. You can add the multiple level categories by clicking on "Add Child" of every child category. 

13. Drag and drop to re-arrange the sequence of the categories.
14. Click on the side arrow to expand & shrink the category set up.
15. Click on Hide button to hide a category or sub category without removing it. 

Here are a few more settings you should know - 

  1. Image setting -
    a. Show category image - It will remove the image & only show category name.
    b. Show sub-category image - It will remove the image & only show category name.
    c. Make image circular - It will make image shape circular. It's square by default.
    d. Fill Image to full size - This will work only for the square images. It will eliminate the horizontal & vertical space around the image. 

  2. Background Color - This will change the background color of the category tabs. The app background color will remain unchanged. 

3. Title/Sub title Color - This will change the color of category & sub category name. 

P.S - - The category tabs are not fit to the screen.
         - Please make sure that collections/products are marked available for Mobile App Creator Sales Channel. Help doc.

Hope this article was helpful :)

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