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How to send Push Notifications from CleverTap?
How to send Push Notifications from CleverTap?
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Here are the steps to send Push notifications from CleverTap-

  1. Go to Analytics Section & select Advance,

  2. Go to Engage.

    4. Select +Campaigns (Green button, on right).
    5.  Select Mobile Push.
    6. Select your campaign type.

     7. Select the message type.

     8. Select the existing segment us users to send push notification or create a new segment or you can send the push notification to all the users.
     9. Select if you want to do A/B testing or send push notification on customers demographics.

       10. Type the push notification Message & Click on Advanced section below. 

      11. Now, to add the image enable Rich file option for iOS and enable image option for android. 

        12. Add Label for the Push notification, set up conversion tracking which will help you understand the performance of the notification & last option is the control group show you what would happen if you sent no message at all. This is great to understand just how effective your message was, and gives you a baseline to compare against. 

       13. Check the Final Overview & Send the push notification. 

Hope this article was helpful :) 

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