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How to set up Multi-Currency?
How to set up Multi-Currency?
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A couple of things before setting up the Multi Currency:

  1. The feature is exclusive to the Premium plan and above.

  2. The banner will reflect only after the app is updated. You can write to to update your app.

Here's how you can set up Multi Currency:  

  1. Go to customize.

  2. Go to Advanced Settings & enable Multi-currency.

    4. Go to Currency List & select all the languages you want customers to see on the app. If you do not select any then it will show the default currency of your store.

You can click on the "Change Money Formatting" hyperlink to change the currency symbols. 

For eg - Changing "Rs" to "INR".

Image 1-

Image 2 -

Please do not make any changes within the curly brackets & any colons. 

      5. Enable the Auto Detect Currency Option. It will detect the customer's location & change the currency accordingly.

     6. Default Currency is the option where you can default currency only for the app, your website currency will remain unchanged. 

Feel free to drop an email on for any queries. 

Hope this article was helpful :)

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