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How to set up a Countdown Banner?
How to set up a Countdown Banner?
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A couple of things before setting up the countdown banner:

  1. The feature is exclusive for Power plan and above.

  2. The banner will reflect only after the app is updated. You can write to to update your app.

Here are the steps to set up a countdown banner - 

  1. Go to Customize >> Home Screen Design

  2. In the Element section, drag Countdown Banner to the left

     4. Go to Edit

     5. Select the collection/product/URL you want to link to the banner.
     6. Enter the title.
     7.  Select start & end time.
         (We will fetch time zone from your shopify store)
     8. Add Image.
         (Recommended Image Size is 1000:250 (width:height)) 

     9.  Click on SAVE.
     10. Click on Go Live. 

Hope this article was helpful :)

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