A couple of things before setting up the countdown banner:

  1. The feature is exclusive for Power plan and above.

  2. The banner will reflect only after the app is updated. You can write to support@plobalapps.com to update your app.

Here are the steps to set up a countdown banner - 

  1. Go to PlobalApps Dashboard

  2. Go to Customize >> Home Screen Design

  3. In the Element section, drag Countdown Banner to the left

     4. Go to Edit

     5. Select the collection/product/URL you want to link to the banner.
     6. Enter the title.
     7.  Select start & end time.
         (We will fetch time zone from your shopify store)
     8. Add Image.
         (Recommended Image Size is 1000:250 (width:height)) 

     9.  Click on SAVE.
     10. Click on Go Live. 

Hope this article was helpful :)

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