How to give Admin access for Google and Apple Developer accounts?
This article will help you share access to Google and Apple Developer Accounts
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1- Google Developer Access:

Here are the steps to give admin access to your Google Developer account:

  • Login to your Google Developer account with your Google ID and password

  • Click on Settings 

  • Click on Users & Permissions 

  • Click on Invite New User

  • Add Email Id '' and select Never for expiry date

  • Select Role as "Admin"  

  • Click on Send Invitation. 

2- Here are the steps to give the Itunes Connect Admin access to the Plobal Apps team:

  • Login to Itunes Connect with your Apple ID and password

  • Click on "Users and Roles"

  • Click on the "+" sign next to Users

  • Enter First name as "Plobal"

  • Enter Last name as "Apps"

  • Enter email address as and click "Next"

  • Select the role to assign: "Admin"

  • Scroll down & also select Developer Resources section.

  • Save and Continue

Once complete, our team will have admin access for your Itunes Connect account

Note: We need the admin access for your Itunes Connect account, so our team can help you complete creating and submitting the apps to the Apple App Store for review

Hope this article was useful :)

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