With PlobalApps, eCommerce store owners can easily target send Abandoned Cart Push Notifications. We have done integration with a third party analytics provider – CleverTap, which would help merchants to trigger a custom campaign for the same.

Following steps will allow any merchant to schedule a Push Notifications to users who are abandoning cart. 

Steps to send Push Notifications 

1) Login PlobalApps Dashboard and Select 

2) Click Select App > Analytics

3) Select Advanced Tab on the PlobalApp Dashboard

4) In the CleverTap dashboard, select Engagement > Campaigns

5) Click on +Campaign green button.

6) Click on Mobile Push.

7) Click on Interaction within time.

8) Click on Advanced & Continue.

9) Now, select the group of people you wish to send this push notification to.
Click on +Create an AdHoc Segment. 

Select Added to cart  in As soon as user does section.
And Does not do > Select Charged > 29 Minutes.
Go to Global Campaign Limit > Campaign Limit > Select second option & select 2 days > Click on Continue button. 

15) Click Select button in "Single message" section

16) For Single Message, enter Title and Message of the Push Notification.
[Note: Max. Push Notification Message length = 140 characters including space & shorter is better]

18) Check the Advanced checkbox to add Images, Sound file and App Deep links

19) Each Section iOS and Android have separate input field. 

a)  Toggle the button next to Sound file to enable Default OS Sound of the platform for receipt of an notification.  (Default Sound File is support on both iOS as well as Android)

b) Use following formats App Deep Links

Android CleverTap Push Notification




iOS CleverTap Push Notification




*Contact your Success Manager to get your unique {{app-id}}. Please refer Deep Links article for more information about how to use app deep links.

20) Click Continue to Overview button

21) Refer all the sections in the overview, in case all data is as per your requirement, Click "Schedule notification" button.

Want us to setup Push Notifications for you? Please write to us at customersuccess@plobalapps.com

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