PlobalApps apps are equipped with Facebook SDK to run Facebook App Install Ads, however to run Facebook App Install Ads, you need to enable Facebook SDK on your Mobile App with details of your Facebook page, I would request you to share an access to Facebook Developer Role to PlobalApps.

Steps to enable Facebook SDK

1) Log in

2) In you are new to Facebook Developer, please click "Create App" or if you already have an App on Facebook, please click on "Add a New App" from the drop-down with your Profile Name 

3) On Create a New App ID dialogue box - Please enter your store name in the "Display Name" and your email in "Contact Email"

4) Click "Create App ID"

5) Select "Roles" from left sidebar in the Dashboard of the newly created app.

6) Click "Add Developer"

7) Enter "digital.plobalapps" and select submit to share a developer access with us

Steps to enable Install Tracking :

1. Login to
For first time users please check How to Set Up Your Facebook Advertising Account tutorial.

2. On Facebook Business Manager dashboard - Locate your Ad Account and find an Ad Account ID associated with your App. Copy the ID.

3. Login to

4. Go to Settings - Advanced -  Advertising Accounts and paste it under Authorized Ad Account IDs

5. Save the changes

Once you provide us developer role, Andorid might take 2 days to go live and iOS might take 4 days to go live Facebook SDK enabled. 

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