Here are the steps to complete the Apple App store listing on the Plobal Apps Dashboard:

  • Login to your Plobal Apps dashboard
  • Go to the Store Listing section on the dashboard
  • Complete your Android Store Listing (refer to our other help doc) and proceed to iOS Store listing
  • The first step is to start completing your Basic App Information, which includes:
    - App Name: no more than 30 characters
    - Privacy policy URL
    - Primary Language: select from drop down
    - Primary Category: (recommended to use shopping, if you're an online store)
    - Secondary Category: choose relevant category
    - Edit User License Agreement
    - Click "Next"

  • Next step, is to complete your pricing and availability details:
    - Please select all countries, if you'd like it to be available worldwide
    - Click on manage countries, if you'd like to restrict its availability to a few countries only
    - leave the volume purchase program details empty
    - Click on "Next"
  • Next step, is to add your basic app information:
    - Enter App description: Short description - 170 characters and Long description Maximum of 4000 characters
    - Keywords: Example include: Cosmetics, clothing, apparel, shoes etc
    - Support URL:
    - Marketing URL:
  • Next step, is to add your general app information:
    - App Icon:
    a- Image size: 1024 * 1024 px
    b- Maximum size of app icon: 3MB
    c- Image type: Only jpg, png images are allowed / supported
    - Edit Rating:
    Complete the form and please ensure all information submitted is true. Apple's review guidelines are extremely strict and we recommend to be fill all the information appropriately.
    - Enter Copy Right Details:
  • Next step, is to add your Company Information, which includes:
    - For telephone number: please ensure a "+" sign before the country code. There should also be no spaces or any other special characters between the numbers.
  • The last step is to complete your App Review information which includes:

Hope this article was helpful :)

If you need any help with completing this, please contact your sales representative, customer success manager or email at 

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