• Apple has an annual $99 subscription fee that is required to be paid. We recommend setting this to auto-renew upon creation.

  • In case you have an existing Apple Developer account, you can migrate from the individual account to a Company account.

Important: You are required to have an existing D.U.N.S number before you start the process of creating an Apple Developer account. In the case you do not have a D.U.N.S number, you can create a new one (this may take a few days). Once you have your D.U.N.S number, you can begin your Apple Developer enrollment process.

Step 1 - Visit the Apple Developer enrollment page and click on “Start Your Enrollment”.

Step 2 - You will be required to sign in with your Apple ID.

Note: Don’t have an Apple ID? You can create an Apple ID for free.

Step 3 - Read through the Apple Developer Agreement carefully and check the box. To confirm, click “Submit”.

Step 4 - We strongly recommend that you enroll as a “Company/Organization” under “Select your entity type”.

Note: If you choose to enroll as an “Individual”, you will be required to give us access to your personal apple credentials for further processes and your name will be visible on the app listing.

Step 5 - You will now be required to complete your organization's details under “Tell us about your organization”.

Note: Ensure you enter the accurateD.U.N.S number and Legal Entity Name.

Step 6 - Enter your personal contact details for your Apple/IOS Developer account.

Step 7 - You will now be asked to read through the “Apple Developer Program License Agreement”. After carefully going through the Agreement, check the box and click on “Continue”.

Step 8 - You will be asked to verify the information you have provided and then click on “Continue”.

Step 9 - You will see that your enrollment has been received. You will hear back from Apple within the next 24-48 hours to verify your enrollment for the Apple Developer account.

Step 10 - Once verified, you will receive an email from Apple asking you to complete the annual subscription fee of $99.

Step 11 - Log in to your Apple Developer account, visit the dashboard and enter your billing information. Click on “Continue” to complete the payment and proceed to set up your Apple Developer account.

Note: It may take Apple up to 24 hours to process your payment, after which you can add Plobal Apps as an admin account.

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