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How can I remove "Powered by Plobal Apps" from my Mobile App?
How can I remove "Powered by Plobal Apps" from my Mobile App?
Steps to remove powered by Plobal Apps from my mobile apps
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"Powered by Plobal Apps" is a text that appears at the bottom of the splash screen of your mobile app. It informs users downloading your app, that your mobile app is created using the Plobal Apps mobile commerce platform.

If you want to remove/hide the "Powered by plobal Apps" text, please write to any one of the following and they will complete this for you:

Once we've received your request, we will send you a confirmation within the next 24-48 hours latest.

Your app will need an app update on the respective app stores (Google Play Store and Apple App Store). Changes would reflect in the following time:

  • Google Play Store: 3-6 working days

  • Apple App Store: 5-10 working days latest

Hope this article was useful :)

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