Here's how you can add promo to your Shopify mobile app:

1- Enable Promos on the Plobal Apps dashboard:

  • Login to your Plobal Apps dashboard
  • Select "Select app"
  • Go to customize section
  • Enable ‘Display Promo Images’ option
  • Click on ‘Save and Go Live’

2- Add Promos on the Shopify admin panel:

Setup Promo

  • Login to your Shopify admin panel
  • Click on Online Store
  • Select Navigation
  • Click on Add Menu
  • Add Menu Description
  • Enter name as Mobile Promos
  • Enter Handle – mobile_feat_collections (no other handle name will work. Also, its case sensitive)

Now we've completed the setup and can proceed to adding / linking the respective promo images. Note: Promo images can only be linked to "Products" or "Collections" 

Add the respective product or collection to be linked to the promo image:

  • Proceed To Add Menu Items (Promo Images)
  • Enter Promo image Name
  • Under Link, choose "Collection" or "Product" 
  • Choose the particular "Collection" or "Product" to be linked on the promo image
  • Click on Save menu

Important points to consider / Pro Tips:

  • There is no limit on the number of promo images you can add
  • Promo images can be linked only to a particular collection or product only
  • All other options under "link" like Home, Pages. All Products, All collections etc should not be used
  • Promo images are displayed vertically one below the other on the home page of the app.
  • The Promo images appear below the banner images 

3- Add Promo images to be displayed:

Adding images are dependent on what you link to the respective promo image

A- Add a Promo image (If You Choose Collection)

  1. Click on Products on your Admin Panel
  2. Select Collections
  3. Open the Collection that you have linked promo image for
  4. Add ‘Collection Image’ (Size Ratio = 1:2 (height x width), optimum size is 574 x 1079 px jpg/png format)
  5. Click on Save

B- Add a Promo image (If You Choose Product)

  1. Click on Products on your Admin Panel
  2. Open Product that you have selected Promo for
  3. Add ‘Product Image’ (Size Ratio = 1:2 (height x width), optimum size is 574 x 1079 px jpg/png format)
  4. Click on Save

Other notes:

If your app is already live:An App Update is not required on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. All saved changes will reflect in real-time once you “Request To Publish” your app from the Plobal Apps Dashboard.

If your app is in preview mode:
Please log out of your preview app and re-login using the same preview app code assigned.

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