Push notifications are messages which pops up on a mobile device. They look similar to SMS text messages or a mobile alerts, but they only reach end-users who have installed your mobile app. PlobalApps support for push notifications on iOS and Android platform.

Best Practices of Push Notification 

  1. Keep the Push Notification Action Oriented which helps you convert non-active users to active users
  2. Length of Push Notification with 5 - 6 words works brilliantly
  3. Based on the Target eCommerce Industry identify the time-to-send and frequency of notifications (Per Day, Per Week or Behavior Driven)

We provide two types of Push Notifications to engage end users. 

  1. Generic Push Notification 
  2. Advanced Push Notification

Generic Push Notifications

  • It is simple text-based notification - which will open home page of your Mobile App
  • It will be sent to all mobile app users across both iOS and Android platform

Note: Push Notifications will be sent immediately.

Steps to do Generic Push Notifications 

1) Login to PlobalApps Dashboard

2) Click Select App to send Push Notifications

3) Select Push Notification Tab on the PlobalApp Dashboard

4)  In Add New Notification Section, write the Notification in the Message Input field.

5) Click Post to send the Push Notification

Is there a limit on the number of Push Notifications I send?

It's Unlimited :) There is no restriction to send general push notifications using the Plobal Apps platform. Only if you choose to send advanced / segmented push notifications, there would be an applicable limit on the number of campaigns sent.

Steps to do Advanced Push Notifications 

Want us to setup Push Notifications for you? Please write to us at services@plobalapps.com

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