What is Activity Feed?

Activity feed is a detailed timeline of user activity on your mobile app. It gives you a detailed snapshot of all user activities (products viewed, searched, favorited, added to cart, purchased etc) on your mobile app.

Who is a User?

  • Anonymous user:
    If a user has not logged in / registered / created an account on your app, the name would be anonymous
  • Registered user:
    If a user has logged in, registered on your mobile app at any stage, you can view all details of this particular user (name, email, gender etc). You can also create customer profiles / segments from your advanced analytics dashboard for all registered users

What can I view in my Activity Feed?

The below are the in-app events that you will be able to see on your Activity Feed for both registered on anonymous users:

  • User viewed a Collection
  • User added a Product to Cart - Product image + Price will be displayed
  • You received a new order from a user - Product(s) image + Price + Total Value of order will be displayed
  • User added Product to Favorites

Here's a screenshot for your reference too.

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