Featured Products are essentially best selling products, top selling products that you can highlight on the homepage of your app.

Here's how you can setup featured products on your mobile app:

  • Login to your Shopify admin
  • Add a new Collection (Go to Products and click on Collections)
  • Enter Collection Title as “featured_mobile_products
    Note: The title text is case sensitive. No other format must be used
  • Now, you need to either select, Automatic Collection or Manual Collection

If you choose an automatic collection:
- Enter Product Tags for all Products that you wish to add
- Click Save collection

If you choose a manual collection:
- Manually add each product
- Click on save

Your featured products will now appear on the home page of the app :)

If your app is already live:
An App Update is not required on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. All saved changes will reflect in real-time once you “Request To Publish” your app from the Plobal Apps Dashboard.

If your app is in preview mode:
Please log out of your preview app and re-login using the same preview app code assigned.

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