What is App Title?

  • App title refers to your app's name on the Google Play Store.
  • The character limit for your app title is 50 characters
  • Important Note: You can add one localised title per language

What is Short Description?

  • Short description refers to the first text users see when looking at your app's detail page on the Play Store app
  • The character limit for your short description is 80 characters

What is Long Description?

  • Your app's description on Google Play.
  • The character limit for your long description is 4000 characters

Please avoid using irrelevant or repeated keywords in the app title, short and long description, or promotional description as it can create an unpleasant user experience for users downloading the app and may result in an app being suspended on Google Play. 

You can refer to these guidelines for further reference: Google Play Developer Program Policies

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