Once your apps are completely setup and your Google Developer accounts are ready, the last step to complete for your app to Go Live, is completing your Google Play app store listing.

You can complete the app store listing information in two ways:

1- Email us the following information (Recommended):

  • App Name: 
  • App icon: in 1024x1024 px
  • Short Description: 80 characters max
  • Long Description:
  • Keywords: 
  • Helpline Number: 
  • Support Email:
  • Privacy Policy URL:

You can email the above information to support@plobalapps.com or email your customer success manager or our sales team.

2- Add the following information to the Plobal Apps Dashboard:

PART 1: General Information:

  • Login to your Plobal Apps Dashboard
  • Click on View Dashboard
  • Go to third option on left panel "Go Live" & "Select Store Listing"
  • Add your "App Name"
    - Add App Title (name of your app on the Google Play Store. maximum 30 characters)
    - Add Short Description (maximum 80 characters)
    - Add Long Description (maximum 4000 characters)
  • Next, add Graphic Assets:
    Add your "app screenshots" - Compulsory
    a- Min length for any side: 320px
    b- Max length for any side: 3840px
    c- At least 2 screenshots are required
    d- Maximum of 8 screenshots can be uploaded
    e- Maximum size of each screenshot 5MB
    f- Only jpg, png images are allowed

    - Add your "Hi-Res icon" - Compulsory
    a- Image size: 512 W * 512 H
    b- 32 bit PNG (With alpha)
    c- Maximum size of the icon 3MB
    d- Image Type: Only jpg, png images are allowed

    - Next, add your "feature graphics" - Compulsory
    a- Image size: 1024 W * 500 H
    b- JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha)
    c- Maximum size: 3MB
    d- Image type: Only jpg, png images are allowed

    - Next, add your "Promo Graphic" - Not Compulsory
    a- Only for Android versions prior to 4.0
    b- Image Dimensions: 180 W* 120 H
    c- Maximum size 3MB
    d- Image type: Only jpg, png images are allowed

    - Next, add your "promo video" - Not Compulsory
    a- Add a youtube video URL
    b- This will be played on top of the feature graphic
  • Next add your "Categorisation Details"
    - In application type, select "Applications"
    - In category, select "Shopping" or any other relevant category from the list of drop downs
    - In content rating, select the appropriate option. To view further details on content rating, please view this link
  • Next step is to add your "contact details"
    Enter your website details
    - Email address (can be a generic or support email too)
    - Contact details (put a "+" sign with your country code and ensure there are no spaces or special characters in between the numbers)
    - Privacy Policy URL: incase you do not have a privacy policy URL, you can try and add your terms and conditions link, terms of use link etc too
  • Click on NEXT

PART 2: Content Rating:

In this section, we will complete your content rating details for the app you're ready to upload. 

We will need to fill the following information email address and content details regarding:

  • Violence
  • Sexuality
  • Language
  • Controlled Substance
  • Miscellaneous

We recommend be extremely honest about this before it's submitted to Google for an App Review. All this information is extremely sensitive and governed very strictly by the Google Play policies for App Reviews

Note: Image reference below is only an example for your reference:

PART 3: Pricing and Distribution of your Apps:

Please fill in the relevant information on the page and click on submit

  • Please ensure you choose, apps do not contact ads under the "Contain Ads" section

Once you've submitted this, you will be asked to progress on to complete the Apple App Store listing on the Plobal Apps Dashboard.

Please note: 

  • All screenshots / recommendations given above is in view of an app developed via the Plobal Apps mobile commerce platform only and all information submitted, would be reviewed by the Google Apps team once submitted for review and will be governed / regulated by their privacy policies only.
  • The above screenshots are a resemblance of the plobal apps dashboard and not Google Play Store - app store listing pages
  • The Plobal Apps team does not take any responsibility for the information submitted to Google Play Store for your app review
  • The Plobal Apps team does not guarantee your apps would be approved by the Google Play Store

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