Our App Success Journey has one fundamental base on which entire app success relies.

More App Installs + Push Notifications = High User Engagement + Right Incentive = More Sales from Mobile Apps

For Organically increasing App Installs we request store owner to use Redirect Tool. 

Customers with Redirect Tool generate 224% more revenue and 1.7 times more app downloads than that of customers without redirect tool.

Please check Redirect Tool with a "Download our Apps" CTA

(Please find the screenshots attached to the email.)

Pattern 1) Black color, Bottom bar on  https://www.snipergangapparel.com/

Once you visit the Sniper Gang apparel website, you will notice a Black color toolbar at the bottom of the page and as you scroll it floats/stays at the bottom. It is a great way to boost app installs.

Pattern 2) Pink color, Top bar on  https://www.baileysblossoms.com/

On Bailey's blossom website, you can notice the redirect tool at the top of the web page and it is fixed with a webpage and doesn't float along when the user scrolls through the webpage.

Redirect toolbar is a website toolbar specifically developed for our eCommerce customers to increase App install from their current website traffic. It is device sensitive which means it will only show Google Play Image / Apple App store image based on device. On desktops/ laptops, users will see both images.   

Would you like to implement Redirect tool for eCommerce web store? 

If yes, you can write an email to chintan@plobalapps.com with the pattern (Top or Bottom bar) you would prefer and what background color (Black or Pink or Custom) you would like for your store (Please share HEX code of the Custom background color - Use HTML Color Picker tool)

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